Lord Shiva Murti


SIZE : L- 9cm, B- 17cm, H- 23cm

MATERIAL : Marble & Fiber Powder

Lord Shiva / Shankar is the destroyer of bad and ill effects.

Worshipping Shiva enhances overall health of the family & keeps away all sorts of illness.

His charismatic aura will transform you into a better person.

Elegant ,Made from Everlasting & of Top Quality Materials.

HANDMADE & HANDPAINTED by an Indian Skilled Artist.

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Shankar Shiv Bhagwan Murti :

भगवान शिव / शंकर बुरे और बुरे प्रभावों का नाश करने वाले हैं।

शिव की पूजा करने से परिवार का समग्र स्वास्थ्य बढ़ता है और सभी प्रकार की बीमारी दूर रहती है।

उनकी करिश्माई आभा आपको एक बेहतर इंसान में बदल देगी।

टिकाऊ और उच्च गुणवत्ता वाली सामग्री से निर्मित।

एक भारतीय कुशल कलाकार द्वारा हस्तनिर्मित और हस्तनिर्मित।

It is an amazing gift option as a blessing and to enhance the decor of your home or offices.

– We also partner with the finest manufacturers out there to make sure that all the types of materials used in manufacturing each product are of the topmost quality.

-There may be an insignificant difference in the colour of the actual product due to screen calibration.

-Packaging – Shankar Shiv Bhagwan Murti – The product will be packed keeping in mind that the gift faces no damage during the delivery.

– The orders can be cancelled before shipping, however, you will be charged the 100% amount of the product after the product is out for delivery. Feel free to contact us if you are facing any issues via the contact forms/g mail / whats app .

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